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Map Your Ancestors.

A revolutionary change in genealogical presentation is making its way out of the box. will turn your family tree into a Google Map on your free personalized web page. has shown that the Family Tree diagram can be “brought to life” by displaying it on an interactive map (

The home page of this site shows the genealogy of current United States President George W. Bush, and a map showing where each of his ancestors was born. Lines are placed on the map to connect the parent-child relationships. When a user clicks on an ancestor, the map zooms in and a small window opens with that ancestor’s photo and life details. Users can then select the satellite view, which “almost makes you feel as if you were in that ancestor’s backyard.” also allows users to plot the life chronology of individual ancestors. George W. Bush’s life chronology appears when a user clicks on his name (

This new ancestor-mapping tool is a great educational resource for beginners and children. In fact, the founder of, Phillip Olsen, explained that education was what inspired the creation of this web site.

“I grew up in a family that was very active in genealogical work, however it took many years to really understand who my ancestors were and where they came from. Although I was told that some came from Denmark, others from Norway, etc., it never stuck with me. Now that I have a daughter of my own, I wanted to find a way to easily teach her about her ancestors.”
will also map a user’s life, vacation, or family directory on the “Anything-Goes” map option.

You can request your personalized site at While the current submission process involves the completion of an excel spreadsheet, plans to accept gedcom files in the near future.

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