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The MacKenzie Family

email reproduced as it may help other researchers-

Dear John:

Hello! I’m reviewing old messages and I saw that you had provided me with a lot of info on Darvel. I thought I’d let know what I’ve found out since I last corresponded with you.

I found out we have a local (Morman) Family History Center and I’ve been to find out a lot more about my ancestors.

My family name has spelled as follows: MacKenzie/McKenzie/McKinzie and also using the small “k”.

My ggggparents were Peter Mackenzie & Anne Seton who were probably both born about 1750? They have married sometime before my gggfather Peter Seton was born 2 Aug 1778. His brother Thomas Goldie Mackenzie was born 21 Oct 1781 & John was born 21 Dec 1783.

Peter Seton Mackenzie & Elizabeth Wilson (Galston) were married in Loudoun Parish on 31 Jan 1801. I think one of the following is Elizabeth birth date:

13 Sep 1776: Elizabeth daughter of Hugh Wilson & Jean Blair of Kilwinning, Ayr. She was baptized 15 Sep 1776.

1779: Elizabeth Wilson of Galston, Ayr.

16 Jul 1780: Elizabeth daughter of James Wilson & Mary King.

25 May 1783: Elizabeth daughter of William Wilson of Stewarton, Ayr.

Their children were born:

28 Feb 1802: Janet(1) daughter of Peter McKenzie, weaver, Darvel &
Elizabeth Wilson.

8 May 1803: Anne daughter (SAA)

10 Feb 1805: Thomas son of Peter McKenzie, weaver, Darvel & Elizabeth Wilson

26 May 1807: Andrew(1) son (SAA).

8 Apr 1810: Janet(2) daughter (SAA).

30 Dec 1811: Elizabeth daughter (SAA).

27 Jul 1814: Jean daughter (SAA).

9 May 1821: Andrew(2) son (SAA).

30 Mar 1823: John(1) son (SAA).

3 Apr 1825: John(2) son (SAA). He was my ggfather.

This info I found on the 1841 – 1860 Old Loudoun Parish Death Register:

17 Sep 1817: Andrew son of Alexander McKinzie, shoemaker, Darvel.

1 Jun 1818: Elizabeth McKinzie wife of William Waddle, tyler, Darvel.

5 Dec 1821: Agnes Smith wife of Alexander McKinzie, shoemaker, Darvel.

25 Jan 1823: Elizabeth McKinzie wife of Alexander Smith, weaver, Darvel.

25 Oct 1824: John(1) son of Peter McKinzie, weaver, Darvel.

20 Apr 1827: Janet(2) daughter of Peter McKinzie, weaver, Darvel.
She died because of water on the brain.

10 Jul 1827: Elizabeth Wilson wife of Peter McKinzie, wevaver, Darvel.

29 May 1838: Anne McKinzie daughter of Peter McKinzie, weaver, Darvel. She was the wife of the late John Gemmal, carter, Darvel.

5 Jun 1843: Agnes Mair daughter of William Mair, mason, Darvel & gdaughter of William Gemmal, carter, Darvel. She was interred in the northmost Graff of Peter McKinzie & Archibald Craig late weavers of Darvel. Graff was located Darvel Burring Ground.

11 Nov 1843: Jean Morrison wife of William Gemmal, carter, Darvel. She was also interred in the above Graff, but it’s now owned by Hugh Aiton, weaver, Darvel.

30 Jun 1845: Miny Colgreen wife of Duncan McKinzie, Labrourer, Darvel.
She died giving birth to twins, only one survived.

17 Jun 1852: Jean Mckinzie daughter of Duncan McKenzie, labrourer, New Milns. She died of small pox.

22 Jun 1852: Janet McKinzie (SAA). Janet & Jean were interred in the same Graff.

24 Sep 1854: Infant child of Duncan McKinzie (SAA) Maybe this was the surving twin?

22 Dec 1855: Mary Arnat wife of Duncan McKinzie died during childbirth.
She was the daughter of Thomas Arnat, Labrourer, Lanfine,Ayr. Apparently Duncan remarried after his first wife died.

24 Apr 1857: Colin McKinzie son of Duncan McKinzie (SAA).

I think that these all might be my relatives, because why else would there be so many McKinzies living in the same area?

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