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From Malcolm Chisholm MSP Minister for Communities
Tuesday, 10 January 2006
I am appalled by what has been happening and shall do everything I can to challenge and defeat this disgraceful racism . It is totally unacceptable in Leith or anywhere else.
Best Wishes
Malcolm Chisholm

View of a local Councillor
Tuesday, 10 January 2006
“As Councillor for the Newhaven area, I am appalled that such blatant
targeted vandalism has taken place. I have discussed the matter with the Police and they assure me that they are pulling out all the stops to
apprehend the perpetrators.

Those involved should be thoroughly ashamed of their actions. The vast majority of people in Leith are tolerant and welcome incomers.
Unfortunately it only takes a few to tarnish that image.

Steve Cardownie

All that fosters fear and violence against any group is an attack on us all.
Tuesday, 10 January 2006

Living in this area we can often become used to vandalism on parked cars with mirrors broken and windows smashed.

I was unaware of a targeted attack on cars belonging to members of the Sikh community and would support all efforts to nip this development in the bud.

Today it is essential that all communities in Leith and indeed in Scotland value and respect one another.

All that fosters fear and violence against any group is an attack on us all.

God wants all people to live together in peace and in harmony with each other and with Him.

Rev John Tait
Vice Chair Leith Churches Together

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