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View from the Gurdwara

To date we have talked to the police once we began to notice a trend of attacks on Asian cars. Our initial discussion with the police on the 3rd of Jan showed us it was wider than we knew. We managed to arrange a one point contact and have the response escalated since this appeared to be organised rather than random. Our concern is that from car vandalism, armed with a sharp object, it could lead to confrontation.

The response from the police has been great. They have covered the Gurdwara area during function pretty well and investigation is priority.

I think the attacks will rise until the perpetrators are caught due to others “jumping on the bandwagon” so to say.

At the moment to keep a finger on the pulse of events we have asked the community to report all incidents no matter how minor they may think.

I have mentioned at our last meeting that it is due to community support that such things can be addressed and suppressed quickly.

Source-Gurmit Singh ( Leith Sikh Gurdwara)

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