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Thoughts on VE Day 8th May 1945

George Baxter

George Baxters Service Book stained with sweat

Service Book

Col Sugden Jungle Field Artillary

George with a friend

Christmas Card

Letter Home

Dedicated to the memory of 357,000 British Service men and Women who died in the Service of their Country and in the cause of Freedom who never saw VE day but without their sacrifice it would never have happened.

The pictures above where supplied by Mr George Baxter and shows himself and his Service Book still stained with sweat as he served in India and Burma with the Jungle Field Artillary. Suggy was Col Sugden his CO unfortunately he didn’t live to see VE day. The war with Japan ended in August 1945. George is now 94 years old and worked for many years as a docker in Leith Docks

Never forget freedom comes at a very high price

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