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South Leith Congregation War Memorial 1914-1919

This Memorial was dedicated, on 29th May 1921, by Sir Charles Fergusson, Bart., of Kilkerran, Ayrshire, who commanded the Fourth Army on the Western Front in the Great War. He was a commissioner from the Presbytery of Ayr to the General Assembly which was sitting at the time of his visit. At the time of writing he is Governor of New Zealand. There was a large congregation. It was fitting that there should be, as South Leith Parish Church holds the position of leading all the churches of our Communion in Scotland in respect to the number of names on its War Memorial. It contains 245 names in all of men of all ranks and forms of service, who offered the supreme sacrifice in the Great War.
The monument is composed of a very large slab of dark green Italian marble, veined with a greyish white, and surrounded with a taste fully ornamented bronze frame. It is oblong in shape, the only break in the simplicity of its form being a semi-circular projection on the top which encloses a cross and wreath. Beneath this is the following inscription To the Glory of Him Who died for all, and in memory of those who died in the Great War, MCMXIV-MCMXIX

This is followed by the list of names cut into the marble and lettered in gold, which is printed in full below.

Robert Baxter, James Middlemiss
William Baxter, Charles J. Macdonald
Philip 0. L. Blamford, David W. Scott
Fred Brown, Peter Sim
John B. Crowden, Fred W. Smith
Thomas Donaldson, John B. H. Stainsby
James Ferguson, George Stoddart
John Henderson, John Valentine
William Irvine, Sen. William Waddell
William Irvine, Jun, Andrew Walker, Sen.
John King, James C. Walker
David It. B. Laing, John Walker
John Laurenson, William Watt
Thomas Main, Thomas Williamson
Thomas Manzie, Robert Young
Army and RAF
William Allison Alexander Drysdale
John Kilpatrick John Anderson
William Drysdale Walter J. Laidlaw
Alexander Arnott George Duncan
Wm Laidlaw George Ayre Robert Eddington Alexander Laing
William Baker George Edward James Laing John W. Ballantyne
Fred Runson John Magnus Larnach
Joseph Banks George Falconer
John Laurie William Banks
Robert Fergie Wm, C. Lilburn
Lot Francis Batten John Ferguson George Lindsay Henry Baxter John Ferguson James Lindsay
William C. Bell Matthew Ferguson
John Linton William Edward Bews Sydney Ferguson James Little
Richard Black Andrew Forrest
John Longmuir George Borthwic
Alexander Fox James Goodsir Lonie
Donald Bremner Albert A. Gardner
Fred Lumsden John Broadfoot
James Gardner James Lynch
AlexanderBrown, WedderburnM.Gardner Alexander Malcolm David Brown Andrew Gibson John G. T. Martin
James Brown George Gibson
Wm. Martin Jeremiah Brown
Wm. Brown Gibson James Mather
James Bruce Joseph Good Fred Meikle Robert Bruce
John Goodall George Meikle
James Buchanan David F. Gordon
Andrew T. Miller Adam Buglass John Graham John Milligan
Ai K. Burgess William Grieve Andrew Milne James Burgess Sidney A. Hadden Alexander Mitchell
Douglas Burke Alexander Hall
Gideon Gray Mitchell William Burns George Hall Hugh W.. Mitchell
Charles Cairns George Hamilton
Andrew Moodie Henry S. Cairns
Alexander Handyside Francis Morgan
John Caldwell Andrew hare wm. Macbean Robert Carnie Robert Henderson John Macbriarty
Thomas Carnie Edward Hendry
Joseph Macbride Charles Carrie Duncan Heron David Macdiarmid
George Chalmers John Higgison
Donald A. Macdonald Peter Cheape Adam Hogg Win. Macdonald
Joseph J. Chevne James Hogg Andrew Macintosh David Clark John Hogg Henry Mackenzie
William Clark Robert Hogg James Mackenzie James Clunie John Hoggan George Maclean
William Clunie James Hunter Daniel Macneil Alfred Common
David Hutchison Charles Macpherson
Thomas Condie John Illingworth
James McRichie Stewart Mcleod Coul
Michael Jameson John Naysmith
John Cumming Alexander Jarvis
Wm. Niven Alexander Currie
James Johnstone David Notman
George Dalgleish John Johnstone
Andrew Ormand James M. Davis
Win. .Johnstone Magnus Ormand
George Dick Peter Jordan Alexander Orr James Dick A Joyce Charles Orr
Thomas Dick Wm. Keenan John Paget Alexander Donaldson
James Kelly John Petrie
Simon C.Philip Edward Pitblado
Alex. Proudfoot Andrew Proudfoot
Alex. Purves George Purves
Mark Purves Archibald P. Ramsay
John Ramsay Wm. Redpath
John Reid Win. Renton
Thomas Renton Andrew Robertson
John B. Robertson John W. Robertson
Wm. Robson David Rodger
James Rose Wm. Rose
James Russell Wm. Sanderson
George Schumacher James Scott
Thomas Shaw Wm. Shaw
Aitken D. Simpson Robert Simpson
Robert Small Alex. Smith
Stanley G. Smith Win. T. Smith, Jun
Robert Stark Win. J. Stewart
David Storrar Arthur Summers
Eddie Sutherland Daniel Syme
Robert Syme James Taylor
George H. Todd James Tonar
James Turner Daniel Veitch
Samuel Veitch Andrew Walker, J
John Ward Walter Ward
Wm. B. Watt Thomas Williamson
James Wilson James Wilson
Edward Wilson Wm.Wilson
Peter Wilson Sinclair Winton
Thos.J.Wilson Wm.A.Young

Source-South Leith Records

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