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Treaty of Perpetual Peace, 1502.

This magnificent document is the treaty concluded on the marriage of James IV of Scotland and Margaret Tudor, daughter of Henry VII of England. James and Henry each had a treaty compiled and they were then exchanged. This is the document sent by England. The significance of the alliance and marriage is reflected in the richness of decoration.

The treaty promised everlasting peace between the two countries:

keeping in view the bond and amity, truce, friendship and alliance which presently exists between our most illustrious princes… and also the marriage to be contracted before Candlemas next, we will … that there be a true, sincere, whole and unbroken peace, friendship, league and alliance… from this day forth in all times to come, between them and their heirs and lawful successors.

All the promises of perpetual peace between the two countries died with James and 10,000 of his men at Flodden in 1513. When Margaret’s brother Henry VIII invaded France, James attacked England in support of the auld alliance. However the legacy of the marriage came in 1603, when James and Margaret’s great-grandson, James VI, succeeded to the throne of England on Elizabeth’s death..

Source-National Archives of Scotland

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