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Drainie kirk session minutes, 1711.

After the Reformation the kirk session maintained social order within the parish. This example from a parish on the Moray Firth concerns the unseemly behaviour of women and children gathering to talk on Sundays.

The elders reported this to the minister who denounced their activities from the pulpit the following Sunday.

April 22nd
The Minister asked the Elders if they had any delations [accusations] and it being told that in Stotfold and elsewhere through the parish Women and Children did meet in companies at the ends of houses on the Sabbath days afternoon. It was thought meet that the minister from the pulpit should the next lord’s day forbid the like customs in time coming.

April 29th
The Minister from the pulpit did this day advertise servants and others in the sea-towns and elsewhere not to meet in companies on the lord’s day as he was informed they had done formerly, And desired masters of families that they would restrain their servants & children from such practises, or else, they themselves would be taken notice of, as scandalous.

Source-The National Archives of Scotlnd

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