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Hazlett and John Arthur

Thank you for the information. I have seen much of it before, it was written by Marshall Neathery a Baptist minister who lives not far from me. A far as I can tell, the theory about the Graham/Netherby connection is wholly without foundation based on nothing other than it sounds similar. There is no mention of Graham or Netherby in our family record.

Here are some interesting clues though:

1. The first Nethery in America in 1715 was in the Earl of Wintoun’s Brigade. The Earl (family name Seton) was from Niddry. The Setons and Niddry Castle were involved with Mary Queen of Scots.

2. A Seton of Niddry married a Hamilton (ancestor of Duke of Abercorn) who was one of the principal planters of Tyrone.

3. The Hamiltons brought people from their estate in Scotland.

4. An old street guide to Edinburgh says Niddry street is often called Nethery street.

5. There is no Graham/Nethery evidence but there is ample evidence of Nethery, Hamilton, Seton, Niddry connection. I feel certain that if we find out where the Turners came from, that should clinch the argument.

The Coat of Arms is interesting. Twenty years ago there was none. My ancestors were dour farmers. My great grandparents became quite wealthy from the cattle business but they wore no jewelry, dressed in black (both of them) and lived very plainly, I’m pretty sure there was no Coat of Arms. Unfortunately some people desire such things and there is always someone ready to sell them one. On the other hand, if Hazlett tells me I’m a wealthy Lord, I’ll reconsider my opinion and be on the next plane.

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your sending me this. It’s like sifting through sand to find the nuggets and I’m grateful that you thought of me and sent this to me.

May you and your families have the happiest Holiday Season

John Nethery

(I must thank Mr Nethery for his information and his very kind email. Posted as it may be of interest to others)

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