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The children of Bethlehem

If genealogy is about anything it is about families and that is why I am supporting this and included it on this site and I don’t apologise for doing so. The people and children of Bethlehem need our help. Are we really going to turn our backs on them.

Christian Aid Appeal 2004

If there is anyone on earth who needs hope this Christmas, it is the children of Bethlehem.

Despite the cosy images we see on Christmas cards, Bethlehem today is caught in a spiral of violence, fear and poverty.

It is a broken town full of children like Jessica Safar, who dream of an end to their suffering.

When she was given a doll, Jessica removed its eye, saying “like me, like her.” But after counsellors from the Christian Aid-funded YMCA helped her, she felt less angry.
photo: Christian Aid/Simon Townsley

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