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Protestant Family History

Actes recording baptisms, marriages and burials in the parish registers do not only concern the Catholic church – they also exist for Protestants, but in some very difficult periods the Protestant church was subjected to interdiction and persecution. To under the particularities of family history research in this religion it is necessary to know at least the outlines of the tormented history of Protestants in France.

Whatever religious convictions he may have, no genealogist can be sure that he will not discover a Protestant branch in his ancestry, at least if he has not researched as far back as 1685, the date of the edict of Fontainebleau which revoked the edict of Nantes. This revocation, the pressure of extreme brutality on Protestants to make them renounce their religion, caused, on one hand, many Protestants to leave France and, on the other hand, collective renunciations of which the sincerity, because of the circumstances under which they were made, can only be doubtful. Some families, secretly for a century after the revocation of the edict of Nantes, braving all dangers, succeeded in remaining faithful to their religion, but others lost all trace of their former membership of the reformed church.

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By Jean Réveilliez published in Gé-Magazine 159 & 160 (1997) translated by Philip d’Authreau of the Anglo-French Family History Society article published in French Ancestor No 16 (August 1997)

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