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CRAIG Family

Second Generation

3. William 2Craig ( William 1 ) was born 1837 and died at the age of 69

William was born on Wednesday 22 November 1837 in Newhall, Edinburgh. He died on Monday 4 March 1907 in Leith

On Friday 2 December 1864 William married Maragret Pringle who was born around 1837 (Estimated).

William and Maragret were married in Leith(17)

William Craig and Maragret Pringle had the following children:

10. (i) William Craig who was born 1865

William was born on Monday 4 September 1865 in Leith, Scotland(17)

11. (ii) Ann Barrie Craig who was born 1867

Ann was born on Tuesday 13 August 1867 in Leith, Scotland(17)

12. (iii) Agnes Hall Craig who was born 1869

Agnes was born on Sunday 26 December 1869 in Leith, Scotland(17)

13. (iv) Margaret Pringle Craig who was born 1872

Margaret was born on Thursday 13 June 1872 in Leith, Scotland(17)

14. (v) George Pringle Craig who was born 1875 and died at the age of 82

15. (vi) Annie A Craig who was born 1883

Annie was born in 1883 in Leith, Scotland(17)

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