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A Hogg Family History

by Jennie A Hogg

“Who were they, whence they came, what toils
Beset them in the wild and glen;
‘Tis ouis to gather from the spoils
Of fifty years – the faithful few,
The record true, the flowing line,
Shall bid them live in coming time.”

Early in Scottish History we find dwelling in the bonniest part of the “Bonny Isle” an independent, sturdy family by the name of Hogg, or as our Scotch cousins would pronounce it, “Hawg”.

The name came from their occupation, all being shepherds. Many of you already know that the term “hog” in Scotland is applied to a sheep one year old and not to swine. Thus a g was added to the name given a yearling sheep to designate the family whose care it was to herd the flocks (and perhaps also to avoid any misunderstanding as to the age of some of us who bear the name in the present generation).

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