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I was interested in the following comment made on this website-

“If the Dave Wilks gedcom site exists no longer, it would be great to be told that it no longer exists and it would be necessary to retrieve the records so they can be relocated for access. How do I get the “Descendancy Data” database for Yarnall-Yarnell so Ican place it where folks can use it?”

If people who use this this website would like to place their family histories here so others can use them then I would be happy to do this. Please send to my email address at This site will always remain free to everyone. Please note this site receives currently between 2-2.5 thousand visitors a day plus and is growing every day.

Unfortunately I don’t know the answer to Mr Tom Yarnall’s question however if a copy of Yarnall exists then I would be happy to post it here.

John Arthur

Editor of “

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