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Searching for the Origin of Nethery. Part 2

Note: another researcher found that James Nethery was a landholder in both 1762 and 1763, in East Marlborough Township. I did not find this record, but it may be true.

Family of Neathermarks in County, obviously German, with names of Conrad, Christian.

In the Delaware court and tax records there were no Nethery recorded, so they must have come to New Castle just to marry in the Old Swede Church.

*Robert Nethery 1667 in St. Mary Colony of Maryland.

Results of Maryland research:

Robert Nethery 1667 in St. Mary’s Colony of Maryland. Indentured to

Thomas Spinks Immigrant to St. Mary’s County MD in 1667, transported as a servant, indentured to Thomas Spink, with John Brooks, servant… Early Settlers of Maryland by Gust Skordes, Gen. Pub. Com. p. 333 (Liber 1, folio 162)

Thomas Spinke, carpenter, and his wife Margaret came to St. Mary’s County in 1667. He married 2nd Jane Payne. Thomas died 1693, his widow Jane married 2nd by 1695 to John Watson.

Thomas Spink of Spink’s Rest, all of St. Inegoes Hundred in 1674, signed a document with his mark (X). He received funds from Elizabeth Calvert, widow and administrator of William Calvert.

Will Book 27 p. 195. Will of Francis Spinks of St. Mary’s County, wife Mary’s Spinks children: Thomas, Elizabeth, Anastasia. Widow Mary is executor. Probated 8 March 1749. Members of this family migrated to Washington County KY by 1788.

In 1673 in St. Mary’s Hundred, St. Mary’s County MD, there is a Robert Netherton whose land is surveyed 10 November 1673 at the head of a marsh, joining to the land of Dan: Clocker. Possessor: Tho: Hopkins. Titled: Nethertons Beginning.

St. Mary’s County MD Rent Rolls 1639 – 1771 c 1993

Could this be the same Robert Nethery, indentured servant?

*James Nethery, Jacobite, was transported to Maryland in 1716.

Captured at Preston, England 14 November1715 by the Loyalist forces of King George I. Was in the Earl of Winton’s brigade, probably from the area of Perth, Scotland. Sent from Belfast, Ireland and Liverpool, England on the ship” Friendship” – Captain Michael Mankin to the Colony of Maryland. Indentured to Col. William Holland, Esq. In Maryland, 20 August 1716. Directory of Scott’s Banished to the American Plantations 1650 – 1775 by David.Dobson, General Publishing Company, Baltimore Maryland, 1984, p. 172.

Henry W. Newman in his book ” To Maryland from Overseas” has his name spelled James Nithery, where the other information the same as above.

William and Elizabeth Holland are of Anne Arundel County MD. William is the son of Francis Holland, a Puritan from Virginia who settled in Calvert County MD. William died about 1732, estate went to son Thomas Holland of Calvert County MD. The Holland family was early in the colony, witness to a Quaker wedding in 1685.

James Neadre witnessed will of Thomas Lingan, Calvert County MD 20 August 1722, probably above James. Maryland Calendar of Wills, p. 108.

There is a David Nevers in the Will Book of St. Mary’s County Maryland 10 December 1750 volume 1:245. Early settlers of Maryland are Robert, John and Richard Netherton. John is noted as early as 1650, Richard as early as 1666. Henry Netherton married Sarah Tucker in 1709. Sarah the daughter of John Tuicker in Westmoreland Wills and Deeds Liber 5, folio181. I did not feel that these are variants of Nethery, but did not want to skim over any possibilities.

The surnames of Nevill, Nevitt, Neverson, Nevins, Nevett, Ne(a)therland are listed here. Names also given as Nethery, Netherway, Nithery.

Marshall Neathery states that by oral tradition this is supposedly the father of old Thomas Nethery (1719 – 1798) of Mecklenburg County Virginia, however, he qualifies there is no proof of this relationship.

There was a serious problem with illness in the middle Atlantic colonies of Maryland and Virginia. With the heat, humidity, swamps, and general health conditions, perhaps as many as 50 percent of the immigrants succumbed to disease. It is that the fate of the Robert and James above and the William below?

Results of Virginia Research

William Netherby – 1673 in New Kent County Virginia

{1654 New Kent County was taken from York County Virginia; New Kent County no longer exists.} Robert Bagby and William Hernden have 1800 acres in New Kent County, Virginia on the northeast side of Mattopony River, about 40 paces above an Indian Weire, adjoining Thomas Hall and John Pigg, 18 February 1673. Paid for transportation of 36 persons on 18 February 1673, including William Netherby.

Cavaliers and Pioneers, Patent Book No. 6 p. 143 Nell M. Nugent c 1977

In 1782 only Neatherland and Netherland living in the area.

In the 1760’s there is a William Nasserthy in Brunswick and Halifax Counties Virginia.

*Thomas Nethery (1719 – 1798) of Mecklenburg County Virginia in 1767

Mecklenburg County is on the North Carolina border with neighboring counties of Brunswick, Lunenburg, Charlotte, Halifax – it is probable that the Thomas of Lunenburg and of Mecklenburg are exactly the same person and that he stayed in the very same place and that the county borders were changed while he was living there.

1763 Thomas Nethery appears in County Court records as a hand to work on the road from Joseph Greer’s to Thomas Erskins Lunenburg County Court Order Book 9 p. 159. 1764 Thomas Nethery is a witness to Deed dated 16 July 1764 Lunenburg Deed Book 10, p. 64 – 65. Interestingly, this land deed describes 200 acres on Pigg River in Halifax County Virginia. Halifax County is a neighboring County of Mecklenburg County Virginia. You will note that the William Netherby of New Kent County was on land adjoining John Pigg in 1673. Could this William be an ancestor of Old Thomas?

1765 Thomas Neathery listed as owing money in the Inventory and appraisement of the estate of James Cunningham, deceased. Lunenburg County Virginia Will Book 2, p. 267

From ” The Virginia Gazette”22 October 1767 ” Taken up, in Mecklenburg, two horses, one of them a black, 13 hands high, has many saddle spots, is white about the fundament, and branded on the near buttock, resembling a fish hook. The other is a chestnut sorrel, with which hairs resembling a roan, 13 hands high, is crestfallen, has a small scar, some saddle spots, had a cracked bell on, branded on the right shoulder EV, and on the near buttock, though very dull. Posted an appraised, the first to 61. and the last to 41.10s. Thomas Netherly”

Thomas Nathary is witness in a lawsuit for the Administrators of James Cunningham’s estate vs. John Taylor. Nethery made three trips at 12 miles, and seeks renumeration from the Cunningham Administrators in 1768. Lunenburg County Court.

On 14 August 1769, Thomas Netherly purchased 330 acres from Richard Witten, the first High Sheriff of Mecklenburg County, which was formed from Lunenburg County in 1765. Land in northwestern Mecklenburg County near the Meherrin River and ” on both sides of Cattail Branch.” Near the head of Allen’s Creek and on the north side of Dry Creek. The land is very close to the Lunenburg County Virginia line, actually the Meherrin River forms the boundary between Mecklenburg and Lunenburg Counties. Mecklenburg County Virginia Land Deed Book 2: 276 {in this document Thomas’ named is spelled Notherly, Nethely, Netherey, Neatherly, Netherley, Nethorey, and Nethorly.}

Thomas Nethery is one of 12 signatures of a petition in Mecklenburg County Virginia 22 September 1770

Mecklenburg County Virginia, Court Order Book, No. 2 p. 488

Thomas Nethery is a witness to a deed from Catherine and Betsy Linton to Newman Bragg on 11 November 1771. Mecklenburg County Virginia Deed Book 3, p. 250

1780 land tax for Thomas Nethery on 330 acres in Mecklenburg County Virginia.

Thomas Neathery witness all deed from Thomas Aldridge Sykes to Michael Mackie, Jr. and Michael Mackei Sr., all of Lunenburg County Virginia. 7 December 1781.

Lunenburg County VA Deed Book 13, 1777 – 1784 p. 90

1782 state census Thomas Nethery’s household is listed with five white persons and one black person in list of Samuel Dedman. This census is used as a substitute for the 1790 ” lost” Census all of VA.

1783 Thomas Nethery p. 13 Mecklenburg County VA one slave, eight cattle, four horses

1785 Thomas Nethery p. 44 Mecklenburg County VA ” on the Parish”*

1786 Thomas Nethery p. 21 Mecklenburg County VA ” exempt as to himself, six cattle, three horses

1787 Thomas Nethery p. 35 Mecklenburg County VA ” exempt”, four cattle, 10 horses

Personal Property Taxes… research by J. Marshall Neathery, 1984 VA State Archives

*The term ” on the Parish” was used at times to signify that an individual was receiving assistance or support from the parish. Such assistance or support could be in the form of money or food supplies or both. VA State Archives

Thomas Nethery owned a sizeable farm, yet he was a poor man. In his last years, the County did not charge him any taxes; and he was put “on the parish” for subsistence. His son William Nethery was “bound out” in 1787 by the Overseer of the Poor in Mecklenburg County VA.

On 11 Feb 1793 Thomas Nethery Jr purchased 52% acres of land from his father, Thomas Neathery Sr and his step-mother for £15.16.8. The land was in the extreme southwest part of his father’s tract on Cattail branch. Bk 8:261 Thomas Nethery Sr makes his mark a “T” instead of the customary “X” as a signature on the deed.

Mecklenburg Co VA Deed Bk 8:261

Thomas Nethery, Sr of Mecklenburg County VA marries Ann Baker [his 3rd wife], on 27 Jan 1789, Thomas Scott, minister; George Baker, surety.

1794 tax list of Mecklenburg County VA lists: Thomas Nethery SR 277 ¼ acres, with Thomas Nethery Jr 52% acres. In the 1796 tax list Thomas Sr. has the same acreage with 3 horses, while Thomas Jr has 1823,/, acres with 2 horses and 2 cattle. Thomas Jr had purchased 130 acres of land from Thomas Dance, adjoining Nethery’s tract on the south-side, at headwaters of Cattail branch.

1798 tax list on June 4th has Nancy Nethery with no males over 16 in the household, has 3 horses while Thomas Nethery Jr is over 16 and has 3 horses.

Thomas Nethery’s Will of 1798 names wife Ann “Nancy”; son, James to whom he leaves a sorrall horse [for which he is to pay £3], and three youngest children, but not by name. He declares he is 78 years old on 24 Jan 1798. He leaves nothing to any of his children by his first two wives as he had provided for them previously, except his son James. Proved 11 Jun 1798. Mecklenburg Co VA Will Book 4:39 An Inventory and Appraisement of Thomas Nethery’s Estate valued at £117.2.8 was recorded in Mecklenburg County Court on 8 Apr 1799. Will Book 4:96

Results of North Carolina Research

,/’John Nethery of Orange County NC 1755 on tax list; James in 1764

Orange County NC opened for settlement in 1752:

John Nethery 1755 tax list, 1 white poll

John Nethery and John Harvy were sworn chain carriers in the survey of the land grant of Aaron Harlan on 1 Apr 1756.

James Nethery [also written Netherly] bought land in southern Orange County NC on 13 Apr 1756 from William and Mary Johnston for £80; 490 acres on the south side of Haw River upon Cain Creek adjoining George Martin

James sold this 490 acres of land in Orange County NC 1764.


Orange County NC Court Minutes 1752-1762 Bk 1 p119 Jun 1755:

Ordered that Luke Smith be paid for 3 days attendance and travelling 40 miles in suit brought by James Nethery against Zachariah Martin Jr. p208 Mar 1757: on motion of Defendants attorney James Nethery’s bail is discharged of the suit brought by John Dunnagan against him.

Book 2 1762-1766 p 658 Nov 1762: Insolvent Debtors Act. In the suit, James Netherly against James Espey etal, Alexander Mebane, witness for the plaintiff being called and failing to appear ordered that he be fined twenty Proclamation Money unless he shew Cause at the next court (Discharged p 703 Feb 1764).

Nov 1763 p662: James Nethery vs. James Espey & others: Debt Plea Nil Debit, A trial over an indebtment of said Espey to Nethery. Found that the defendent was not indebted to Nethery. Feb 1764 p702: in the suit Nethery vs. Espey – Mary Long appeared – never summoned as a witness

Book 3 1777-1786: no Nethery in index but lots of Nevels, Nevil, Nevilis, NeviIs

[these names were not used earlier, did Nethery die, move, or change name]

Aug 1765 – George Neatherly vs. Robed Lumpkin (case) Orange County NC no details mentioned.

Daniel Nethery listed as debtor of Col. John McGee, Orange County NC 1773

Daniel Netherly owed Neal McMillen decd. June 1774 VA currency: £5.6.1 Daniel Nethery owed David Nelson, decd. Nov 1767 VA currency: £1.5.0

Orange County taxpayers 1784-1793

,/Daniel Nethery of Rowan County NC 1768, served on a jury

Daniel of Rowan County NC and became “of Guilford County NC” when Guilford was formed from Rowan; probably the Daniel of Orange County also:

Daniel Neithery – on 5 May 1780 there was an order to stop the grant to Thomas Stanton “or” Daniel Neithery due to complaint of William Dillon. Guilford County NC Name also written Daniel Nethery and Neathery

Verdict in favor of Daniel Neathery – trial 3rd Monday 9 Oct 1787; # 1785/Nov 1785 Burke Co NC Grant suspensions [This land grant appears to be in Guilford County NC]

Daniel Netherly land entries

No. 1563 450 acres 9 Oct 1778 Guilford Co NC (Beaver Creek on Haw River)
No. 1860 214 acres 14 Feb 1780 Guilford Co NC
No. 10601 250 acres 17 Feb 1780 Guilford Co NC

Daniel Nethery had a wife Jean and children: Sally, Elizabeth, Hannah, and Mary. [Daniel died 1783-1786, wife Jean dies in 1800s]

Jean Netherly, witnessed will of Robed Dwiggens, 28 Aug 1786, Guilford County NC


1782 Heatherly or Neatherly on delinquent tax list of Burke County NC

Robed Netherly filed entry # 365 for 100 acres of land on waters of Kings Creek, in Wilkes Co NC on 9 Sep 1778. He signed his mark as an “R” instead of the usual “X”.

Wilkes Co NC Land Entry Book 1778-1781

Robert Nethery, Salisbury District, No. 6384, allowed for clothing 18.0.0 voucher 1128, by Erwin and Greenlee, 1782. Vol. A, p206, NC Revolutionary War Army Accounts



Thomas Nithery

1783 Robed Neithery

Thomas Nithery

1784 Robert Neithery

Thomas Nithery

1785 Robert Neithery Thomas Nithery

1786 Robed Nathery Thomas Nathery

200 acres 1 horse Capt. Kees’s Dist

200 acres on Kings Creek, 1 white poll

200 acres on Beaver Creek, 1 white poll

200 acres on King Creek, 1 white poll

200 acres on Beaver Creek, 1 white poll

200 acres on King Creek, 1 poll

200 acres on Beaver Creek, 1 poll

200 acres 1 poll

200 acres 1 poll

1787 military census: Robed Nathary age 21-60 years, 3 white males either under 21 or over 60, and 2 white females

There was a boundary line change in 1789 between Wilkes County and Burke County NC. Robed may have lived in the same place, but with the boundary line change he is of Burke County NC in 1789 where he served as a juror. A 1795 land deed shows that the Netherley’s property line was on Kings Creek, so probably he did not move.

1790 No Nethery in Wilkes County and only Robert Netherly in Burke County NC Robert and another males over 16, 5 males under 16, and 2 females

Robert Nether in Burke County NC census of 1800 31201-01001-00 [Robed and wife over 45, with 6 sons, 2 daughter]

28 Aug 1785, Thomas Netherly and Ambrose Carlton were indicted for the murder of James Smith. [Ambrose Carlton was listed 2 names later than Thomas on the 1784 tax list] Case of Thomas Netherly and Ambrose Carlton filed at the Sept. term, Morgan District Superior Court. Numerous citizens of Wilkes “and others” filed a petition on behalf of Thomas Netherly and Ambrose Carlton.

Colonial and State Records of NC, Vol 18, p45, 55, 108

[A note: Thomas and Ambrose were accused of murdering James Smith, who was a horse thief, having stolen Nethery’s horse. Thomas never appears on a census or tax list in NC after the murder trial. If convicted, he was not incarcerated. He had children born 1786, 1788, 1790, 1793, and 1798, in Mecklenburg County VA.]


After 1800, the Neathery family spread out rapidly and were known to have been in Kentucky by 1820, Alabama by 1825, Arkaknsas by 1837, Mississippi and Texas by 1840 and California by 1860. Marilyn Neathery McCluen

Spelling of the name:

“Nethery is a name used only in a very tiny area and is not known widely in either Ireland or Scotland. I’ve concluded that it came into use around the time of the Plantation and was used to explain where people had come from. Sort of like “Tex” as a name in California for someone who had come from Texas. Of course no one in Texas would use that name. I’ve also concluded that the Hamiltons, one of the most important British families, keep popping up wherever there are Netherys. The Hamiltons are closely associated with the Grahams and are one of the most distinguished families in Lowland Scotland and were among the major setlers in the Plantation. My great grandfather farmed land held by the Duke of Abercorn, James Hamilton.” John Nethery of Reston, VA

The name in the United States is usually spelled Nethery or Neathery. I note that Old Thomas Nethery of Mecklenburg county VA name is spelled “Nethery” yet many of his descendents spell it “Neathery”. I ask Marshall Neathery why he spelled his name with an “a”. He states that he has seen Old Thomas’ name spelled “Neathery” in a public record, as written by a clerk. He has also seen it spelled Netherly, Nethely, Netherry, Netherey, and Netherlee. Marshall’s father spelled the name without the “a” but a school teacher told his mother that the name was correctly spelled “Neathery” and taught his sister and him to spell it that way. It was never a thing of contention in his family, even though his father continued to spell it “Nethery”.

In the estate records of Robert Nethery of Wilkes/Burke County NC 1805, his sons William and Samuel were appointed administrators to settle Robert’s estate, they both signed their names as NEATHERY. William was educated, a school teacher and fine penman. He is the first to use that spelling and probably taught his brothers to write.

“When I first started in Neathery research I went to New Port News, VA to see a lady name ‘Aunt’ Fronie Bradley, a descendent of old Tom. The first thing she told me was, ‘1 know you are kin to me for you spell your name with an A. My father told me we were no kin to any of those people who did not have an A in their names but spelled it Nethery'” Marilyn Neathery McCluen of Roane Co TN



I have endeavored to cite the spellings of the names as I found them on that record throughout this report. I found terrible spelling in the Irish records, sometimes Graham doesn’t even look like Graham. You will note in this report that each time we saw the town Magheraculmoney, it was spelled differently! As an example of the lack of standardized spelling in those early days, I have noted the many ways of spelling Nethery in one deed of Thomas Nethery.

We have noticed recently that Esk and Mote are surnames [there are Grahams of Esk and Grahams of Mote as well as Grahams of Netherby], so, likewise the surname Nethery is a place name.

The result of this research shows that we still are not able to ascertain the father of Old Thomas Nethery. There is a slight possibility that he could be the Thomas in the Chester County PA records of the 1758 tax list. He could also be a descendent of the Robed Nethery 1667 or James Nethery 1716 to the Colony of Maryland. Further research needs to be undertaken of the William Netherby of New Kent County VA with emphasis on the counties of Halifax and Brunswick VA. Also records in Georgia might be checked for early Nethery immigrants in the 170Os.

New materials and resources are brought to our attention almost on a daily basis. Even though Irish records were burned and many American records have been destroyed, there is usually another public record that will refer to the same item. Never give up hope but stay attuned to what is being discovered in the local area of your ancestor.

After this additional research in areas of Ireland, England and Scotland, I believe that all with the surname of Nethery descend from Walter Graham of Netherby, the Chief of the family in 1596. Walter descends from the second son of Malise Graham, the 1st Earl of Menteith, whose seat was located in the Highlands between Stirling and Loch Lomond. The title, Earl of Menteith, was derived from the Stuart family by his mother, Euphema, the granddaughter of King Robert II. At the time that the family of Grahams were exported to Ireland, most did not use a surname as we do today, they were Richard of Cannoble, William of Langfield, and James of Netherby. With all of the troubles in Ireland, and the desire to return to Scotland or the border areas in England, they just became James Netherby, and the Graham was forgotten. Dr. Philip D. Smith has shown how the name in the Celtic dialect changes from Netherby to Nethery, and that his recommendation is that the Nethery family wear the Graham tadan.

The thought comes to mind that perhaps we should not think of Nethery as a SEPT of Clan Graham. but that Nethery IS Graham.

Nethery names in IGI [International Genealogical Index] before 1800:

No Netherby in Ireland IGI files

Only one Nethery – Sarah Nethery b ca 1781 [parents not listed] Tyrone, Ireland

West Keal, Lincoln, England

John Notherbye chr 10 Jul 1614

d/o John Netherbye

Saint Michael, Cambridge, Cambridge, England

Elizabeth Netherby chr 15 Apr 1625 [no parents listed]

Gateshead,Durham,England Isabel Nathie chr 28 Aug 1651

d/o John Nathie

Stavedon, Devon, England

Tho Netherly chr 27 Jan 1733

s/o Mary Netherly

Birtley, Northumberland, England Ann Netherly chr 27 Jun 1784

d/o William and Jane Netherly

Fossoway and Tulliebole, Kinross, Scotland

Henrie Nethrie chr 18 Dec 1625 s/o Jhone Nethrie
Katharin Nethrie chr 20 Mar 1726 d/o John Nethrie

St. Andrews and St. Leonards, Fife, Scotland

Bessie Nethrie chr 24 Nov 1678 d/o James Nethrie and Jean Garland

Burntisland, Fife, Scotland [Burntisland is a Graham holding]

Peter Netherie chr 20 Jun 1731 s/o Andrew Netherie and Sicilia Condie
Bessie Netherie chr 18 Mar 1733 d/o Andrew Netherie and Cecil Condie
John Netherie chr 10 Jan 1749 s/o Andrew Nethede and Helen Jameson

Fettercairn, Kincardine, Scotland

John Nethrie chr 9 Dec 1722 s/o Robt. Nethrie and Isobel Croll

Elspet Nethrie chr 5 Jul 1724 d/o Rott. Nethrie and Isobel Croll

Mary Nethrie chr 17 Nov 1726 d/o Rott. Nethrie and Isobel Croll

David Nethrie chr 16 Feb 1729 s/o Robert Nethrie and Isobel Croll

Robert Nethrie chr 21 Feb 1731 s/o Robert Nethrie and Isobel Croll

James Nethrie chr 1 Mar 1732 s/o Robert Nethrie and Isobel Croll

David Nethrie chr 12 May 1730 s/o James Nethrie and Elizabeth Anderson

Elizabeth Nethrie chr 23 Sep 1732 d/o James Nethrie and Elizabeth Anderson

Anna Nethrie chr 3 Mar 1734 d/o Robert Nethrie and Anna Mitchell

Margaret Nethrie chr 5 Oct 1735 d/o Alexr. Nethrie and Jean Pet

Alexander Nethrie chr 6 Mar 1737 s/o Alexander Nethrie and Jean Pet

Jean Nethrie chr 27 Mar 1762 s/o David Nethrie and Jean Wilsone

Griffith’s Valuation [probably 1862]: [See next 9 pages]

Co Tyrone: 17 Nether/ head of households in West Omagh Barony:

Union of Omagh: Barony of West Omagh

East Longfield Parish in West Omagh has 10 Nethery families

Drumhonish- James Nethery House

Drumrawn – Thomas Nethery Sr. House

Gibson Nethery House
Thomas Nethery Jr. House

Magharenny- Andrew Nethery House
Robert Nethery Jr. House
Robert Nethery Sr. House
Robert Nethery Jr. [probably duplicate name]
Robert Nethery Sr. [probably duplicate name]
Unshinagh – James Nethery House

West Longfield Parish in West Omagh has 7 Nether/families

Kirlish – James Nethery, Henry Echlin, immediate lessor of land

James Nethery

James Nethery House

James Nethery

[You will note here that James Nether/is the immediate lessor of some of these lands. There are 4 James Netherys in this townland of Kirlish; question:are there 4 James’ here or only one, as only one house, or possibly two, as a James could be the son of James, living with his father, altho not designated as Jr. No one could answer this question for me.]

Curraghamulkin – James Netherly James Netherly Henry Netherly


[probably duplicate name]


East Omagh has 2 Nethery head of household
Clogherny Parish in East Omagh
Seskinora – Alexander Nethery House
Dromore Parish in East Omagh
Magheragart – William Nethery House

Co Fermanagh: I Nethery in Barony of Lurg, parish Magheraculmoney Great Edenclaw – John Nethery House

Co Donegal: the closest name is Near/in Turhugh Barony Co Roscommon: no Nethery, only 9 Grahams

Tithe Applotment Book [probably 1828]: Diocese of Clogher – Magheracoolmoney:

There are 8 Grahams and 7 lngram [which is another name for Graham]

Edenclaw: John Nether/ [“Big” Edenclaw, becomes “Great” Edenclaw 20 years later] Total yearly rent of the Parish £59943.12.11¼

Sources researched with no Nethery listed [always using variant spellings]

Philadelphia Naturalization Records 1789-1880 by Filby Sons of American Revolution [American] Biographies, 23 volumes

Maryland and Virginia Colonials:Genealogies of some Colonial Families

by Sharon J Doliante, Gan Pub Co. c1991

Descendants from first families of VA and MD by Maude Crowe c1978 Research Collection of Worth S. Ray of Familes of the Southern States Tidewater Families of the New World & their Westward Migration

by Anne Bassatt Stanley Chatham c1996

Colonial Settlers St. Marys Co MD 1634-1780 by Mary L Donnelly c1996 Revolutionary Patriots of St. Marys Co MD by Henry C Peden, Jr 1775-1783 c1996 Quaker Records of Southern Maryland, Birth, death, marriages and Abstracts

from the Minutes 1658-1800 Henry C Peden, Jr c1992

Colonial Records of Southern MD by Elise G Jourdan c1997

Proceedings of Orphan’s Court, St. Marys Co MD vol. 1-3

Marriages & Death St. Mary’s Co MD 1634-1900 by Margaret K Fresco c1982 Debt Book of St. Mary’s Co MD 1753-1758

Burials from Tombstone, Grave Markers & Church Registers of St Mary’s Co MD

(1634-1994) by Jane Tice c1996

Colonial Soldiers of the South 1732-1774 Delaware – 1782 tax and census list Chronicles of St Mary’s Vol. 1-44

Muster Rolls of MD troops in American Revolution 1775-1783 Archives of MD. Vol. 18 Maryland Marriage Records Vol. N-O

Revolutionary Records of Maryland by E. M. Brumbaugh c1967 Virginia Colonial Militia 1651-1776 1810 Virginia Census

Index to 16 vols. PA’s Colonial Records Series – Dr. Mary Dunn c1992

William Penn and the Dutch Quaker Migration to PA

Colony of NC 1735-1764 Abstracts of Land Patents Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 1765-1775

by Margaret Haftman

Scottish Migration of Ulster in the Reign of James I by M PercevaI-Maxwell Principal Inhabitants of Cumberland in 1847 by R. Grigg Penrith Parish Registers 1556-1601 by George Watson c1893

The above report was done by Nellie Graham Lowry. It was a tremendous effort on her part to do such quality work. I wish to thank her for the effort she has put forward in researching the Neathery, Nethery, Netherly and other variant spelling of our name.

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