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Medieval Seals Online

Medieval Seals Online is concerned not only with seals of kings, bishops, knights, monasteries and the like, but also those of ordinary people (almost unknown, although in fact some four-fifths of all surviving seals). This will be a new source of historical evidence – for individuals, for the craftsmen and their markets, for the law, for art and design, for popular taste and for much else.

The project will open up this little-known part of our national heritage:

To everyone interested in the Middle Ages
To teachers, museum curators, and anyone concerned with education
To those researching the Middle Ages, especially the people and families of the period
Medieval Seals Online will offer:

An interactive introduction dealing with how seals were used; how they were made; what their designs mean; what they can tell us about architecture, dress, armour and heraldry, religious imagery and popular piety, women, kingship, class structure, and even humour

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