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Great War and Remembrance Day online exhibition

Soldier with Union Jack

Remembrance Day as we know it might never have been, according to a file which is being made available for the first time on The National Archives’ Learning Curve website.

The document, which is available on a new free web exhibition called The Great War, shows how the Home Office originally refused the BBC’s request to broadcast Remembrance Day Ceremonies as they thought it should be a personal event. After a letter of complaint from the Managing Director of the BBC, written 80 years ago, the BBC was given permission to broadcast the events.

Visit the site and you will also be able to view original documents on Lloyd George and Clemenceau and see the service record of the wartime poet Wilfred Owen.

The Great War exhibition gives us an insight into the realities of the First World War. Watch video clips of soldiers digging trenches, captured German defences and Armistice Day ceremonies in 1930, look at maps showing the theatres of war and see photographs of the allied army, including Indian, Australian, New Zealand, Canadian and West Indian troops. The website also discusses the causes of the war, the weapons used, how the peace settlement was negotiated and how it has been remembered.

Visit The National Archives Learning Curve Great War exhibition to find out more. link on rhs

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