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Who are the Scotch-Irish, and what does the term mean?

“The term “Scotch-Irish” is an Americanism, generally unknown in Scotland and Ireland, and rarely used by British historians. In American usage, it refers to people of Scottish descent who, having lived for a time in the north of Ireland, migrated in considerable numbers to the American colonies in the eighteenth century.” The Scotch-Irish, A Social History, pg. i – James G. Leyburn.

The “plantation” of Ulster, in northern Ireland, with Scottish immigrants, took place from roughly 1606 through 1700. The “Great Migration” of Scotch-Irish to America took place from 1717 through 1776. An estimated 200-250,000 Scotch-Irish migrated to America during this period. The period of the “Great Migration” of Scotch-Irish took place at approximately the same time as the German Palatine migration.

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