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Searching for Records Relating to Nazi Gold

“Everyone should understand the role of the records in establishing and legitimizing identities and liberties.” So began a letter to the editor of Time Magazine (March 17, 1997) by John W. Carlin, Archivist of the United States. “The dramatic case of the search for Nazi gold is an excellent example of the value of records not only in documenting historical facts but also in preserving essential evidence,” he continued. “For us at the National Archives and Records Administration,” Carlin concluded, “the role of preserving and providing access to this essential evidence of history is at the core of our mission.” Indeed, NARA’s holdings of records relating to “Nazi Gold” and its ability to make those records available in a timely manner has demonstrated the importance of NARA not only to this country but to peoples, governments, and organizations in other countries
By Greg Bradsher
NARA’s Assistant Chief, Modern Military Records
The Record, May 1998
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