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TRAVEL from England to Scotland along the broad lowland east of the Pennines, and you are on the highway of mediaeval warfare. Even York on occasion was reached by Scottish raiders; seven miles to the west Leven’s men helped to break Prince Rupert’s army at Marston Moor. At Myton-upon-Swale Douglas and Randolph, Earl of Moray,’ the comrades-in-arms of Robert Bruce, routed the English; at Byland Bruce nearly caught Edward 11.

Of course the Scots did not always have the advantage in these encounters. At Northallerton, in the gap between the North York Moors and the Pennines, the English defeated David 1; while one King of Scots (David 11) was made captive at Neville’s Cross near Durham, another (William the Lion) was taken farther north at Alnwick, and near Alnwick also a third king (Malcolm Canmore) was slain.

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