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Burntisland parish

“Burntisland parish lies across the River Forth from Granton. It is bounded by Aberdour and Kinghorn, and measures 2.5 miles from north to south by 2 miles from east to west. There is a quarry of excellent freestone and excellent limestone abounds. The ruins of the original parish church stand at Kirkton. There is a very extensive distillery at Grange. The Royal Burgh of Burntisland is a seaport and is the Fife terminus of the E P & D Railway from Granton. The town consists of 2 parallel streets with some lanes running between them. The High Street is broad and spacious. The harbour, reckoned the best on the Forth, is spacious and has a great depth of water. It also has a dry dock, and a lighthouse stands at its entrance. The harbour exports pig iron and coal. In addition to the parish church, there are an Episcopalian Church, a Free Church and a UP Church.” edited from Westwood’s Directory for the counties of Fife & Kinross published 1862.

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