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History of Guernsey Butchers

Was your ancestor a butcher in Guernsey in the late 18th/ early 19th Century ?
Introduction & Brief History
This site is focused on the history of families who were butchers in Guernsey from the early 19th Century. Many of them were immigrants from the south coast of England – particularly, Devon and Dorset – attracted by the growth in population and trade during this period. They established close links with each other and formed a strong community, with many connections between the families.

The picture is of Rue des Vaches (Cow Lane) – the original site of the meat market in St Peter Port. This lane connected the High Street with the Harbour. Cattle arrived on ships, and were herded up the beach into this lane where they were slaughtered. At high tide, the sea washed away all the blood and offal.

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