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2011 Census Questions Consultation

The GROS 2011 Census consultation is in 2 parts:

Before 2011, there will be 3 formal 12-week consultations on all aspects of the Census – prior to the 2006 Census Test, the 2008 rehearsal and the 2011 Census.
There is a consultation on Census Questions on this website. This will not be time limited until 2009 – to encourage a continual flow of ideas about the 2011 Census questions. However, because of the form production timetable, this consultation has 3 distinct time limits:
September 2005 for questions trialled in the 2006 Census Test;
September 2007 for Census rehearsal questions; and
About 2009/10 for the final Census questions (though we are unlikely to include untested questions at that late stage).

For more information go to the link on the rhs

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