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Overview Chart of Lineal Ancestors of King Edward III of England and Philippa of Hainault

The following ancestry (pedigree) overview charts for the lineal ancestors of the children of Edward III of England and Philippa of Hainault (going back 16 generations or less) were generated from data and software supplied by Randy Wilson, with some additional fix-ups. Randy says “This database came mostly from the LDS Ancestral file.” There are 1002 lines of descent from Charlemagne to Edward III in this data, and 750 to Philippa of Hainault (some of them undoubtedly spurious). (For a hyperlinked genealogy of English and other royalty, with some annotations, see

The layout of the chart below should be fairly intuitive (each person’s father is above that person, each person’s mother is below, and increasing indentation corresponds to remoter generations in the lineage). Some dates shown as birth dates were probably originally intended to be death dates (dates are often rather approximate). Links in the chart are cross-references to another occcurrence of the same person, usually earlier in the chart; this referenced location often shows further ancestry of the person.

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