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(formerly the Norfolk & Norwich Genealogical Society – Founded 1968)
Kirby Hall, 70, St. Giles Street, Norwich, NR2 1LS.
Although the original Norfolk & Norwich Genealogical Society was primarily a publishing body, the scope of its activities has expanded along with the growth of interest in genealogy and family history, when in 1996 its assets were transferred to the newly formed Norfolk Family History Society.

Its main asset, purchased in 1987, was Kirby House, so named in recognition of the generous financial support given by the F.M.Kirby Foundation Inc. The building was maintained with the income from the Kirby Permanent Endowment Fund. With the realisation of all assets in 1999 the Society was able to purchase the former Gospel Hall opposite St Giles church. New premises were necessary to accomodate the Society’s ever expanding library of genealogical sources. The new property called Kirby Hall will serve as a Headquarters, Library, Registered Office and is an excellent venue for meetings.

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