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The coming of the railways changed the lives of everyone in Britain. By 1852 all the main rail routes in Britain had been built.

Passengers and goods could now be taken quickly and easily to all parts of the country. Train travel was also much cheaper than other forms of transport.

In towns people travelled in horse-drawn buses. In the country horse-drawn wagons were used for carrying people as well as goods and animals. Wealthy people had their own horse and carriage.

In 1865 the very first petrol driven “horseless carriage” appeared. These were made by hand and only the very wealthy could afford to buy them and were rarely seen until the 1880s and 1890s.

In 1885 the ‘safety bicycle’, with wheels of equal size, was introduced. It was the cheapest way to travel and anyone who could afford a bike cycled out to the country on Saturdays and holidays.

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