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U.K. Carte-de-Visite Victorian Photographs

The Collection of Roger F.Vaughan with 2000 images from this page
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This is my entire collection (1000+) of 19th century photographs known as ‘Cartes-de-Visite’, they are arranged by the photographers name and I have given an address where it is known.

This collection will be useful to those interested in research into the history of photography, 19th century fashion design, photographic studio props, Victorian hair styles, history of advertising, Victorian fashions in facial hair, Victorian ladies hats, furniture, how real Victorian people looked, the Victorian bustle, the crinoline, Victorian childrens’ fashions, Victorian costume jewelery and early photography.
All front of the cartes are about 30KB, the backs about 20 KB.

What’s on the carte?
To make the list below more understandable I am adding codes to the addresses, so that:

f = female, m = male, c = child, 6 = 1860s, 7 = 1870s, 8 = 1880s, 9 = 1890s.

Putting these together – f7 c7 a woman and child of the 1870s and so on.
These dates are my best estimates only, (completed as far as section D )

From the Collections of Roger Vaughan © 2002

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