Family Research – English, Scottish and Irish Genealogy


The Scottish Genealogy Society

With over 6,000 titles, the Society’s Library is undoubtedly the largest Scottish genealogy library in the world and, as such, is a credit to the founding members of the Society who had the foresight to begin the work of collection in 1953, as well as to the Honorary Librarians and others who have continued their work. Now, almost 50 years later, their efforts have borne further fruit in the publication of this index on the Internet.

In preparing this index for the Internet a number of changes have been made. In particular, the number of subject headings has been reduced from over 390 to 70, although the original headings have been used wherever possible. However, although we have tried to be systematic in the allocation of titles to the new subject headings, the process is inevitably somewhat arbitrary. Thus, a title such as ‘Caring for Your Family Photographs at Home’ has been allocated to ‘Photography’ but it could, equally correctly, have been allocated to ‘Reference/Guides’.

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