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In Scotland compulsory civil registration of births, deaths and marriages commenced on 1 January 1855. Prior to 1855, the recording of births and marriages was largely in the hands of Church of Scotland Clerks.

There are no Parish Records available for Deaths. It should be remembered that in 19th century Scotland over a third of the population were not members of the Church of Scotland, but belonged to other churches. Consequently the births and marriages of many people may not have been recorded.

Tracing back to 1855 can be reasonably straightforward and it will be possible to obtain an extract of an entry on the birth, death or marriage registers. There is a computer link to the General Register of Scotland through Local Online Access (LOLA) in the Inverness, Dingwall, Fort William and Thurso offices. This provides access for searches in: Scottish Indexes since 1855; Old Parish Register Index 1553-1854; Census 1881 and Census 1891.

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