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SW Donegal Irish Genealogy & Our Irish Heritage

Welcome to the SW Donegal Genealogy and Heritage Homepage.

Donegal Town 1890

If your ancestors came from this part of Donegal, then consider we are related somehow. Come on in. The turf fire is burning, and the tea is hot.

This site is primarily intended to be a service to the users of cousin Jimmy Dunn’s Kilcar Genealogy Home Page by listing helpful books, resources, videos, maps and other references available on Donegal Genealogy, History, and Culture.

Knowing where to start is often all it takes before the adventure in documenting the family history begins. We are deeply indebted to the cousins who made our own searches much easier. Some of the best sources of information on Irish genealogy come from more experienced genealogists who have interest in the same geographical area. The Family Life Center of the local Mormon Church, the Public Library and one’s favorite bookstore, especially, Irish Books and Media, Inc., can be very helpful. IB&M, managed by Ethna McKiernan and her father Dr. Eoin McKiernan, founder, has provided a significant portion of the material listed on this page. Unless noted, you can order any of these books or tapes from Irish Books & Media, Inc. Prices are in US ($). Books on Irish history and culture represent a very specialized niche in the publishing trade. Many books listed may soon be out of print; therefore, if you see something you like, don’t procrastinate. Developing a library of books on Irish history and culture will prove to be a valuable investment indeed! If you have a collection of books on Donegal and would like to share your list, send it to me at email address below.

Before diving into your family tree, it is important to get started on the right foot. As the weeks turn into months and years, you will accummulate large amounts of pictures and information that will need continual updating. This is best managed by mastering a user-friendly software program. I use and recommend a very versatile shareware program called Brother’s Keeper developed by John Steed. You can download it, try it, and if you like it, register the program for a nominal fee.

When time and feedback permit, users are encouraged to comment on the books or resources they have used as well as ways to make this site more useful. Other contributions are also welcome. KJG

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