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Liverpool Memories the photographs of Stewart Bale Ltd.

Museum of Liverpool Life

The photographs of Stewart Bale Ltd provide a unique record of life in Liverpool from the 1930s to the 1950s. The pictures show the everyday places where people worked, shopped and enjoyed themselves.

Stewart Bale Ltd was an advertising and printing business in Liverpool that specialised in commercial and architectural photography. The client list included famous Liverpool names such as Cunard, Meccano and Coopers.

The Feelgood Factory’s reminiscence group have picked out their favourite images from the archive, recording their memories of Liverpool places and sharing them with the museum for this exhibition.

Over 70 photographs are on show at the Museum of Liverpool Life, celebrating local haunts of yesteryear, like the Legs of Man public house on Lime Street and Owen Owen in Clayton Square.

Stewart Bale Ltd

Herbert Stewart Bale founded Stewart Bale Ltd in 1911. His son, Edward Stewart Bale, joined the company and it earned a reputation for the excellent quality of its commercial pictures. This was largely due to the use of large format cameras, which most other firms had abandoned in favour of modern equipment. The company finally closed in the 1980s. A collection of 200,000 glass plate and film negatives survive in the museum’s archives.

The Feelgood Factory
The Feelgood Factory is a healthy living centre charity. It was established in 1999 and is based in Netherton.

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