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The Kootenay Involvement in the Boer War

In January 1900 the second contingent, made up of two battalions of mounted infantry and three batteries of field artillery, with a total complement of 1,224 men was ready for embarkation to South Africa.

The second contingent was followed by a third contingent, a new regiment named Lord Strathcona’s Horse funded entirely by Donald Smith, the Canadian High Commissioner in London, known primarily for his connection to the Canadian Pacific Railway. The regiment was known as “The Queen’s Cowboys”. The majority of the 562 volunteers were recruited from British Columbia, Manitoba, and the Territories.

No further recruitment took place until spring of 1902. Because the Boer War ended officially on May 31st 1902, many of these later units did not see active service. Canada sent 8,372 recruits to war, including 1,200 replacements for the Halifax Garrison and 1,236 volunteers who served in The South African Constabulary. During the period 1900 – 1902, 270 Canadians died in South Africa. Eighty-nine were killed-in-action while the remainder died from accidental causes and disease. An additional 252 men were wounded.

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