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1. The International Genealogical Index (I.G.I.) on microfiche: Scotland

Compiled by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormon Church)

The I.G.I. is an index to pre-1900 (approx.) birth, christening and marriage records, mainly from the Old Parish Registers – see entry below – and other statutory registers.

It is arranged by shires e.g. Ayrshire, then alphabetically by name, then by the date of the event.

Each entry indicates type of event (i.e. B = birth, C = christening, and M = marriage), and the place of the event. For births and christenings the parents’ names are given, for marriage the spouse’s name is listed.

The I.G.I. for Scotland lists over 5,000,000 entries, unfortunately it contains no death or burial information.

Ireland: The Irish I.G.I. is an alphabetical sequence covering Eire and Northern Ireland and also lists the same entries in separate county files. The coverage and entries follow the same pattern as the Scottish I.G.I.

You can search the IGI website by going to “search the ancestors” then choosing the International Genealogical Index option on the left hand side.You can then put in the details of the person you seek and ask the Website to search either “all entries” or births, marriages or deaths (note information on deaths is extremely sparse). You must then specify a location e.g. British Isles, then Scotland, then a particular county (or search “all counties”). You can also specify a year and search within a time scale either side of that year.
Research Tip – To find a list of children born to particular parents – leave the boxes on the left empty and enter the parents’ names where shown on the extreme right hand boxes, set the search to births/christenings and location to British Isles – Scotland – then a particular county (or search “all counties”). Note that the Internet IGI does seem to have some gaps, therefore, it may be worth checking the IGI or OPR Index at the Baird or Dick Institutes if no entry is found.

For more information go to the link on the rhs

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