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Coventry in the Middle Ages

Coventry Register Office has records of births, deaths and marriages dating back to July 1837 – we can help you trace your family tree.

The Registration Service has custody of registers that recorded births, deaths and marriages occurring in Coventry since July 1837 when civil registration was introduced.

The Service also hold registers for both civil marriages and non-conformist chapels, Church of England, meeting houses, Jewish marriages and other religious buildings where marriages have taken place.

Getting Started
If you want to compile a family tree you can do so by making an application to the Superintendent Registrar of one with information to enable the Superintendent to undertake a search of the records. The records are, however, concerned with individual events and not with pedigrees. It may therefore be necessary to make a series of searches to trace the lines of descent back to 1837.

For example, if you wish to trace the record of your father’s birth, but do not known when he was born, it may be necessary first to search for the record of your parents’ marriage (working backwards from the date of birth of the eldest child in your family). A certificate of the marriage should give your father’s age and the name of his father, and so provide a starting point for tracing and identifying the record of his birth. A certificate of that birth will give the names of his parents including the mother’s maiden surname, and the process may be repeated for the preceding generation.

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