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A Background into Victorian Street Life
Working class homes in Victorian London were typically very cramped, so people looked outside their homes for amusements. For poorer women and children, the closest was the street itself. Street doors were generally kept open until bedtime

if weather permitted and women often sat on their front doorsteps to do jobs such as sewing, mending or peeling potatoes so that they could socialise with the other women who lived in the street, talk to passers by and share looking after the children.

Children also found most of their amusements outside, except in very bad weather. What little traffic there was moved slowly enough to make the street a relatively safe place to play. Street games generally required very little equipment and hopscotch, football, cricket and skipping were all popular. Simple toys such as tops, hoops and marbles were also played with in the streets.

Joseph Carey Merrick-The Elephant Man

The street could be quite a lively place. Street entertainers playing popular songs on barrel organs were a familiar sight and there were also Punch and Judy shows, acrobats and many other musicians and showmen. Beyond the street, the main meeting places for working class adults were the local pub or church.

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