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An excellent starting-place for Victorianists in search of archival resources is Richard Storey and Lionel Madden, Primary Sources for Victorian Studies: A Guide to the Location and Use of Unpublished Materials (London: Phillimore, 1977).

This was supplemented in 1987 by Richard Storey’s booklet, Primary Sources for Victorian Studies: An Updating, published in the series “Occasional Papers in Bibliography” by the Victorian Studies Centre, University of Leicester, Leicester LE1 7RH. Both works focus on materials available in the United Kingdom.

Historians may find particularly helpful a booklet (now online) by R. J. Olney called Manuscript Sources for British History: Their Nature, Location and Use (1995), which not only gives much generally useful advice but includes an up-to-date bibliography of helpful guides and location registers. (Available in hardcopy form from the Institute of Historical Research.) The best general guide to archival repositories for British history is J. Foster and K. Sheppard, British Archives: A Guide to Archival Resources in the United Kingdom (4th edn., 2000).

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