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Now that you know the name of the ship on which your ancestor arrived (be it Convict or Emigrant) you will want to know more about the voyage itself. By tracking down the Surgeon’s Journal for my Convict Maid ancestor, I was thrilled to discover that the whole shipload of women had suffered from severe constipation! The Surgeon’s efforts at remedying this situations were edifying, to say the least.

Now that I’ve convinced you that you MUST discover more about your ancestor’s voyage, here is what you should do….

Track down a copy of Ian Nicholson’s Log of Logs: a catalogue of Logs, Journals, Shipboard Diaries, Letters, and all forms of Voyage Narratives, 1788 to 1988 for Australia and new Zealand and Surrounding Oceans. This was published in Nambour, Qld by Ian Nicholson and the Australian Association for Maritime History. The first volume was published in 1990, and the second volume, which has extended the date range to 1788 to 1993, was published in 1993, and the third volume has just been published in 1999.
“The title is self-explanatory. The location of each of the items is given. Some items located overseas have been microfilmed for the AJCP*, and thus may be accessed in Australia. The items listed include newspaper accounts of voyages, published volumes, manuscripts, ships’ newspapers, surgeons journals and passengers’ diaries or letters. The book includes an index of log-keepers and authors of personal narratives. Nicholson suggests consulting newspapers for the date of arrival for a possible account of the voyage.” [Extract from Searching for Mary Anne: researching Women Ancestors in Australia , by Lenore Frost ]

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