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Adapted from Understanding Scottish Graveyards by Betty Willsher (1985)
Articles on gravestones in the Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland
This list contains the major articles on churchyards and the monuments within them, but there are many more articles, particularly in the earlier volumes, in which single stones or fragments of stones are discussed; some of these articles discuss sites that may be the remains of early Christian churches.

􀀧 Brown, Ian Gordon., David Hume’s Tomb: a Roman mausoleum by
Robert Adam, cxxi (1991), pp. 391-422.
􀀧 Burnett, Charles, J. Funeral heraldry in Scotland with particlar
reference to hatchments, cxvi (1986), pp. 473-559.
􀀧 Carrick, J.C., Churchyard Memorials at Newbattle, xxxvii (1902), pp. 258-70.
􀀧 Christison, D., The Carvings and Inscriptions on the Kirkyard
Memorials of the Scottish Lowlands, particularly in Perth, Fife, Angus, Mearns and Lothian, xxxvi (1901), pp. 280-457.
􀀧 Christison, D., Additional Notes on the Kirkyard Monuments of the
Scottish Lowlands, xxxix (1904), pp. 55-116.
􀀧 Di Folco, John, Kirkyards in the Laich of Moray: an illustrated survey, xcix (1966), pp. 211-54.
􀀧 Di Folco, John, Graveyard Monuments in East, North and Central
Fife, cii (1969), pp. 205-36.
􀀧 Eeles, F.C., Undescribed Sculptured Stones and Crosses at Old Luce,Farnell, Edzell, Lochlee and Kirkmichael (Banffshire) with some late
Medieval Monuments at Parton (Kirkcudbrightshire), Maryton and Wick, xliv (1909), pp. 354-72.
􀀧 Graham, Angus, Headstones in Post-Reformation Scotland, xci
(1957), pp. 1-9.
􀀧 Graham, Angus, Graveyard Monuments in East Lothian, xciv (1960), pp.211-72.
􀀧 Lang, J.T., Hogback Monuments of Scotland, cv (1972), pp. 206-35.
􀀧 Macdonald, Sir George, Post-Reformation Tombstones in the
Cathedral Churchyard, St Andrews, lxx (1935), pp. 40-119.
􀀧 MacDonald, W. Rae, The Heraldry in some of the Old Churchyards
between Tain and Inverness, xxxvi (1901), pp. 688-732.
􀀧 Macleod, F.T., Notes on the Chapel Yard, Inverness and some of its Old Monuments, xlv (1910), pp. 198-219.
􀀧 Morris, James, Notice of undescribed Slab Sculptured with Celtic
Ornament and some Churchyard Monuments at Girvan, Ayrshire, xlvii (1912), pp. 174-96.
Carved Stones Adviser Project Adapted from Understanding Scottish Graveyards by Betty Willsher (1985)
􀀧 Reid, Alan, Glencorse Old Church and Churchyard, xxxviii (1903),
􀀧 Reid, Alan, Colinton Church and Churchyard, xxxix (1904), pp. 133- 47.
􀀧 Reid, Alan, The Churchyards of Currie, Kirknewton and the Calders, xl (1905), pp. 18-39.
􀀧 Reid, Alan, The Churchyard Memorials of Lasswade and Pentland, xli (1906),pp. 81-99.
􀀧 Reid, Alan, The Churchyards of Prestonpans, xlii (1907), pp. 18-39.
􀀧 Reid, Alan, Churchyard Memorials of Cranston, Chrichton,
Blairgowrie and Rattray: a record and comparison, xliii (1908), pp.
􀀧 Reid, Alan, The Churchyard Memorials of Abercorn, Bowden and
Carrington, xliv (1909), pp. 33-76.
􀀧 Reid, Alan, Tranent Churchyard, xlv (1910), pp. 117-52).
􀀧 Reid, Alan, Monumental Remains in Pitlochry District, and
Churchyard Memorials at Moulin, Temple and Clerkington, xlvi
(1911), pp. 389-423.
􀀧 Reid, Alan, Recent Discoveries in Tranent Churchyard, xlvi (1911), pp. 139-50.
􀀧 Reid, Alan, Churchyard Memorials of Peebles, Stobo, Lyne, West
Linton and Newlands, xlvii (1912), pp. 130-71.
􀀧 Reid, Alan, The Churches and Churchyard Memorials of St Helens on the Lea and Cockburnspath, xlviii (1913), pp. 210-29.
􀀧 Reid, Alan, Sculptured Sarcophagus and Churchyard Memorials at
Dalmeny: with Notes on the Churchyards of Edzell, Lethnot and Stracathro, xlix (1914), pp. 285-303.
􀀧 Ritchie, James, An Account of the Watch Houses, Mortsafes and
Public Vaults in Aberdeenshire Churchyards, formerly used for the
Protection of the Dead from the Resurrectionists, xlvi (1911), pp. 285-326.
􀀧 Ritchie, James, Relics of the Body-snatchers: Supplementary Notes on Mortsafe Tackle, Mortsafes, Watch Houses and Public Vaults, mostly in Aberdeenshire, lx (1920), pp. 221-29.
􀀧 Ross, Thomas, Notice of Undescribed Hogback Monuments at
Abercorn and Kirknewton, xxxviii (1903), pp. 422-26.
􀀧 Thomson, Andrew, Notes on some Sculptured Slabs and Headstones in the Churchyards of Glenconvinth and Kirkhill, Inverness-shire, xlv(1910), pp.309-14.
􀀧 Wallace, Thomas, Notes from the old Churchyards of Logie, Lecropt, Dunblane and Moy, xlvi (1911), pp. 436-42.
􀀧 Willsher, Betty. Adam and Eve scenes on kirkyard monuments in the Scottish Lowlands, cxxii (1992), pp. 413-51.

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