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Indentures of apprenticeship 1744

A page from the City Register for part of July 1744 showing the daily collections of stamp duty from masters for their indentures of apprenticeship and articles of clerkship entered with their named apprentices.

The entries give not only the date and amount paid, but the name, abode and occupation of each master, the name of the apprentice (and up to 1752 that of the father or guardian, and often his or her parish of residence, status or occupation), date the indentures were signed, start date and length of apprenticeship, details of any transfer or assignment of the term agreed, and the premium paid, on which the calculation of duty was based.

Marginal entries show where part of the premium was paid for by a public charity or parish, since this was exempt, or where a value had to be estimated, because no money had been paid as a premium. Catalogue reference: IR 1/17

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