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The Historic Houses Association

The HHA represents the interests of Britain’s historic houses, castles and gardens that remain in private ownership.

The Association represents over 1500 such properties, the majority of which provide some form of public access.

Around 350 open regularly to the public on a commercial basis, attracting between them over 12 million visitors each year. Many more open on an occasional basis.

There are more privately owned houses open to the public than those in the care of the National Trust, English Heritage and their equivalents in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland put together.

The costs of maintaining them thereby preserving not only the heritage they represent but also the associated industry they sustain, is huge and is met by private individuals.

These properties collectively make a massive contribution to rural economies through tourism and other commercial activities. Their contribution is estimated at £1.2 billion each year and they employ around 10,000 people.

Successive Governments have recognised the private owner as the most economic and effective guardians of these properties.

The HHA is an association of these owners. Its Full, Corporate and Friends Memberships represent an impressive list combining:

families who, together, have played a central role in Britain’s history
many individuals, corporations, institutions and enthusiasts whose commitment maintains this important element of Britain’s built heritage
The Association’s concerns include not only the buildings themselves but also their contents, works of art, gardens, parks and archives.

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