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School and Alumni Records

School records, including elementary, high school, college, university and alumni records, include fascination details and statistics about our ancestors. Learn how to find and research old school records around the world with these handy school records guides and links. Articles & Resources

A Primer in School Records
George G. Morgan offers some suggestions about the types of school records you might look for as you are researching your ancestors.

Back to School – School Records, That Is
Juliana Smith provides suggestions on where to search for school records in the United States.

Education Records: Insight to Souls
From African American to Yearbooks, Loretto Dennis Szucs details the ABC’s of school records in this article from Ancestry Magazine.

Establishing a School Archives
Practical suggestions from the National Archives and Records Administration on establishing and maintaining a school archives or historical collection. An excellent school or district-wide project!

School Records – An Often Ignored Resource
Ryan Taylor provides an overview of sources for locating old school and alumni records across Canada.

For further information go to the link-School and Alumni Records on the rhs

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