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Historical Period Costume Links

If you want to know about period dances, music,dress etc then you should find what you are looking for at

As they say-“Welcome to a world of music, dance and costume! Earthly Delights is both the name of a wonderful band and the banner under which a cluster of related passions are exercised.

As a band Earthly Delights might be anything from a wandering trio to a full-on five-piece, and might be caught doing anything from garden weddings to grand concerts, playing anything from pavans to tangos and leading anything from a simple 17th century country dance to a snazzy 19th century couples dance. As a banner, Earthly Delights covers everything from tutoring dance, putting on balls to producing CDs, publishing dance & tune books and making fine costumes.

Besides creation and performance, however, Earthly Delights is also about sharing – and hence our intention to develop this web-site into as much of a public resource as possible.”. It is in fact an incredable resource for anyone interested in history and genealogy.

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