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Caring for Your Family Treasures

A team of top museum professionals, assembled by the nonprofit group Heritage Preservation, provide practical advice and easy-to-use guidelines on:
how to polish silver and furniture without diminishing their value
how to preserve a wedding dress for future generations
the safest materials and procedures for creating a scrapbook that will last
how to care for a photograph album that is deteriorating
creating safe display conditions for ceramics, dolls, quilts, or other treasured collections, and much more.

We live in an era of fascination with mementos of the past. Countless television viewers tune in faithfully to popular programs such as The Antiques Roadshow to enjoy the vicarious thrill of learning that a grandparent’s painting, stored for years in the attic, is an important work of folk art, or that a much-loved doll has become a valuable antique. Just as often, however, observers have sympathized with the unfortunate folks who unknowingly destroyed the value of a brass lamp or a bronze medal by polishing away the original patina. Such disappointments underscore the need for clear and understandable information on how to care for beloved family treasures.

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