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The Stained Glass of St Salvator’s Chapel

The glazing of St Salvator’s Chapel has undergone many dramatic changes over the centuries. We have no evidence of what the original Medieval scheme looked like but, given the ornate architectural survivals, it is probable that finely patterned, grisaille glass would have played an essential role in the decoration of the church.

The Chapel was stripped of its stained glass during the Reformation and nothing more is known about how it was glazed until the eighteenth century. During the restoration undertaken between 1759 – 60, the windows were cleared of their mullions and tracery, and were fitted with wooden frames and shutters. John Oliphant’s drawing of the Chapel (c.1767) reveals the disagreeable aspect these ‘improvements’ gave to the building. Nevertheless, the shutters remained in place until the late 1840s, when they were taken down and the windows filled with clear glass. Though elegant and attractive in execution, this clear glazing was only a temporary feature of the Chapel. The major restoration of the building begun by Principal Forbes in 1861 saw the Chapel completely re-glazed.

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