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Captured German and Related Records on Microform in the National Archive

Microfilmed Records Received from the Berlin Document Center
The so-called biographic records of the Berlin Document Center consist of personnel and related records of the NSDAP and its affiliated organizations and activities from the founding of the Party in 1920 until 1945. The records are arranged into general collections by organization, by series, and then alphabetically (or, in some cases, phonetically) by family name of the individual(s) concerned.

Finding aids: The Holdings of the Berlin Document Center: A Guide to the Collections and The Holdings of the Berlin Document Center: A Guide to the Microfilm (both by the Berlin Document Center, 1994). See also the unpublished guides, roll lists and sample documents in the Microfilm Research Room.

NSDAP Ortsgruppenkartei. Microfilm Publication A3340, Series MFOK. 2,275 rolls.
NSDAP Zentralkartei. Microfilm Publication A3340, Series MFKL. 3,167 rolls.
NSDAP Antraege. Microfilm Publication A3340, Series NSDAP-A. 120 rolls.
NSDAP Party Census (July 1939). Microfilm Publication A3340, Series PC. 121 rolls.
NSDAP Gaukorrespondenz. Microfilm Publication A3340, Series NS-MIS. 119 rolls.
NSDAP Oberstes Parteigericht Akten. Microfilm Publication A3340, Series OPG. 1,292 r. NSDAP OPG Nachsortierung. Microfilm Publication A3340, Series OPGNA. 67 rolls.
NSDAP Partei Korrespondenz. Microfilm Publication A3340, Series PK. 6,182 rolls.
NSDAP Volksgerichtshof Nummern. Microfilm Publication A3340, Series VGH. 448 rolls.
NSDAP R├╝ckwandereramt. Microfilm Publication A3340, Series RWA. 123 rolls.
NSDAP Reichsaerztekammer. Microfilm Publication A3340, Series RAK. 52 rolls.
NSDAP Miscellaneous Collection. Microfilm Publication A3340, Series NS-OG, 14 rolls and Series NS-OR, 27 rolls. Others, 10 rolls.
NS Lehrerbund Kartei and Akten. Microfilm Publication A3340, Series MF. 385 rolls.
Reichskulturkammer. Microfilm Publication A3339, Series RKK. 2,466 rolls.
SA Personnel Files. Microfilm Publication A3341, Series SA-Kartei. 716 rolls.
SA Personal & Process Akten. Microfilm Publication A3341, Series SA. 300 rolls.
Other SA Collections. Microfilm Publication A3341, Series SA. 67 rolls.
Einwandererzentrale. Microfilm Publication A3342, Series EWZ. 7,320 rolls.
SS Officer Personnel Files. Microfilm Publication A3343, Series SSO. 909 rolls.
SS Enlisted Men Personnel Files. Microfilm Publication A3343, Series SM. 1,738 rolls.
SS Women Personnel Files. Microfilm Publication A3343, Series SF. 99 rolls.
SS Lists. Microfilm Publication A3343, Series SS. 26 rolls.
Rasse-und-Siedlungs-Hauptamt (RuSHA). Microfilm Pub. A3343, Series RS. 7,811 rolls.
NS Frauenschaft/Frauenwerk. Microfilm Publication A3344, Series FS. 2,418 rolls.
Miscellaneous Collections. Microfilm Publication A3345, Series B, DS, F, W. 1,393 rolls. (includes BDC Library collection; see also page 8 for other NSDAP records)

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