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How our ancestors Lived

Views of Edinburgh from the past.

Calton hill is one of Edinburgh’s great landmarks. however in the 1860’s this is where women would bleach and dry their washing. The hill itself is famous for its legends such as the Goblin Halls deep underground and how its supposed to be connected by tunnels to caves under Arthur Seat

The top of Easter Road looking down to Leith. The name comes from the fact that this was the Eastern Road to Leith. Approx 1880

This shop is 197 Easter Road and was establish around 1914 by a J Simpson and then changed hands around 1930 to J Meiklejohn but the original name was retained

Princes Street 1850’s looking towards Calton Hill

Princes Street 1898

Outing to the Blackford Hill, or the Braids,Edinburgh in the 1880’s

lhs These Children are selling Cockles and mussels in St patrick square Edinburgh near to Edinburgh University and Surgeons Hall. rhs the hokey pokey man the forerunner of the ice cream salesman.

She went by the name of Polly and told fortunes for a penny in St Giles Street which was of the High Street Edinburgh c1880

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