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Wills and Testaments

This is a first class site as an introduction to the study of Wills and Testaments by Donna Przecha and can be found at below is merely the introduction to the site.

“Wills and probate records are a source that you should not overlook in your genealogy research. While you may believe that your ancestors were simple farmers and did not have any wealth to bequeath, remember that one of the primary reasons for coming to the U.S. was the availability of land. Many immigrants did succeed in owning land, and one of the main purposes of a will is the disposition of real estate. People who had worked so hard to acquire it wanted to be sure it was passed on to the right people and, therefore, did make wills. With the large families it could also be important to write down what a person considered to be the fair disposition of his worldly goods. Even if a person did not leave a will (died intestate), the court may have stepped in at the time of his death to provide for the transfer of his goods or to assign a guardian for underage children.”

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