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Land registry – Property title search & property history research services.

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You are able to order online, searches of the Land Registry for England & Wales & Scotland – title searches, property history, former ownership & more! If the property is not registered with the Land Registry then see our UNREGISTERED LAND search facility below. We believe we are one of the few organisations capable of identifying and tracing the owners of unregistered land and property.

When ordering you should supply the property address. From this we are able to ascertain whether the title is registered and then obtain a copy of the title document. Please note, Scotland pricing and information provided is different to England & Wales.

England & Wales full title £12.95 – BUY NOW The full title search for England & Wales properties will produce the following: Identification of tenure – freehold, leasehold, etc Registered title number Owners name and address Details of mortgages (not amount) and charges including notice of matrimonial homes rights Restrictions and covenants (on occasion, the title will refer to restrictions or covenants that are contained in a separate transfer document or separate conveyance not held on the main title register -where available, these can be sourced at additional cost) Date of last transfer Purchase price for properties sold in recent years. This will be sent to you by post and is a stamped copy of the actual register entries. BUY NOW

You can also order a copy of the title plan indicating boundaries at extra cost

A property ownership report available by email at £9.75 will provide the title number and registered owner of the property. Please note when ordering either a title search or property ownership search that we need a valid postal address. A description such as ‘on the corner of’ or ‘the field behind’ will not enable us to conduct a conclusive search. If the property or land does not have a postal address, please speak to one of our Property Researchers prior to ordering. BUY NOW

Search of the index map – £6.75. This search will establish whether the title is registered and provide you with the title number. If you have ordered either the property ownership or full title search and it is unclear whether the property is registered, we will undertake a ‘search of the index map’ without charge. If you order a property ownership search or full title search and it transpires the property is not registered then there are no charges.

Location of land plots, disused buildings, etc without a property address. We are able to identify registered titles in England, Scotland & Wales for plots of land that are not identifiable by an address. In order to achieve this, we usually have to work from a plan on 1:1250 scale. Either you can supply your own plan of the area or we can access a plan for you at an extra cost of £15. Please telephone 0113 228 4452 to speak to a Property Researcher.

Why would you need Land Registry information?

You may have seen an unoccupied property you want to buy and want to approach the owner directly.

The property is rented out and you need to get in touch with the registered owner.

You want to establish details of the tenure or establish what restrictions are in force

You want to find out how much the property previously sold for

You need to identify the precise boundaries (if you order a title plan)

These are just a few of the reasons why a title search is invaluable.

We are also able to research the title to determine if there are other relevant conveyances available which might be referred to but not included in the main title document. These may provide more precise details of restrictions and covenants that are in force. Please telephone one of our researchers on 0113 228 4452 or email

Results are forwarded by email for England/Wales property ownership searches and full Scottish Land Registry searches (usually within a hour of ordering, subject to us finding the relevant records) and by post for full England & Wales Land Registry searches (Mon-Friday during office hours).

Scotland results are available by email between & Mon -Friday.

Where property title searches in England & Wales or Scotland are unsuccessful because the property is not registered, there is no charge. We will offer you the opportunity to commission an UNREGISTERED LAND/PROPERTY search. When you order a Scottish title which is not available on the Scottish Land Register it is likely to be recorded on the Sasine Register. We will supply the records from the Sasine register which provides most of the Land Register information plus some transactional events relating to the property.

Whether the property you require information on is in England, Wales or Scotland, we have a team of Researchers able to assist with the identification of other deeds, boundaries, conveyances and property history. We are regularly instructed by Law Firms to undertake research into title problems and property history.

We can even assist with converting the title plan into guideline measurements although where this is disputed, we would always recommend that you commission a specialist Surveyor.

Telephone our Researchers on 0113 228 4452 or send us an email.

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