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The Edinburgh City Guard

If your ancestor was a member of the “Edinburgh City Guard” have you ever wondered how they looked in their uniforms or what their guardhouse looked like which was situated in the High Street in Edinburgh. Also what did Edinburgh look like in the 17th/early 18th century?

Three Captains of the City Guard from “Kay” from l-r George Pitcairn d 1791, George Robertson d 1787 and Robert Pillans d 1788

The City Guardhouse from “Kay”

The City Guardhouse and Black Turnpike by James Skene

Edinburgh from St Giles to the Canongate in the 17th century after “Hollar”. Trinity College can be seen along with the Tron Church, The Nether Bow Gate, Potter row Port and the St Mary’s Port.

Talking about the City Guard who was the most famous criminal of the period that must be the deacon Brodie seen here on the rhs of the above picture, It was upon this real life character that Robert Louis Stevenson created the story of “The strange case of Dt Jekyll and Mr Hyde”.

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