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This is only a very small selection of the Family Bibles on this particular website and is well worth a visit

“We have a selection of family Bibles we have “rescued” from various locations during our travels around the country. We offer these at a reasonable cost to those families who will take them and care for them as the family heirlooms. The Bibles in our collection were cast aside as mere merchandise. To us, they are one of the most important family heirlooms we can convey to our children.

Have a look at our family Bible list below. Each Bible contains pages which chronicle the family history of the families named. Many cover numerous generations including births, marriages, deaths, etc. If you see a family which might be one of yours, feel free to contact us and we would be happy to verify data to see if it might be one of your family’s heirlooms. Please contact us for the cost of each item listed herein.

ANDERSON Family; Holy Bible; {Returned to family 15 Dec 1998}
AGLER Family; Holy Bible; {Returned to family 7/20/98}
BURCHARD Family; Holy Bible; 754pp. published by James C. Derby, New York, 1854; entries begin with John C. Burchard b 1803 in Lima, N.Y. and his wife Adaline Thomson b 1810 in Cheshire Co., N.H.; numerous entries for descendants of this family; also some loose family information about the turbulent voyage of the family on Lake Erie when removing to Hillsdale, Mich. in the 1840s incl. a poem about the trip; also some family letters and other writings of family members; loose spine, but the covers and pages are all still bound together; found Allen, Mich. 01 Jun 1996.
CAREY Family; See Johnson Family {Returned to family}
CLARK family; Holy Bible; 315 pp.; printed 1914 by the American Bible Society, New York; contains family entries for Pearl Soward Clark, d. 1861; also births for Willie Clark, b. 1898; Johnnie Patrick, b. 1901; Biddle, b. 1902; and Dave, b. 1906; hardcover broken off from the book itself, but the book is intact and in good condition; found at Florence, Ky. 19 Nov 1995.
COGGIN Family; Holy Bible; 792 pp.; printed 1824 by E. White, New York; published by Kimber and Sharpless, Phila.; stained pages, covers excellent; family entries for James Coggins, b 16 Jan 1759 and Rachal, his wife, b 18 Jan 1754; children: Jesse 1778, Isac 1779, Abigail 1782, Jonathan 1784, David 1787, Joseph 1788, Rachel 1790, James 1792, Benjamin 1795, Nathan 1797 and Paskiel 1799; found Westerville, Ohio 09 Mar 1996. {Returned to family} Researcher: Kathy Conard”


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